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Company AAR - Operation Cossack
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Campaign Operation Cossack AAR

Opening Statement

The 6th Airborne Division were tasked to the region of Esseker to provide aid and peacekeeping duties. However it was quickly made apparent that other forces were at work in the region and needed to be dealt with before any peace could be brought to Esseker. The 6th Airborne Division successfully completed their tour and handed over joint-peacekeeping duties to the Ukrainian MP and the American forces still stationed in the region.

"The Beginning"

The 6th Airborne Division were deployed into the region of Esseker to provide aid and support to the local populace. The 6th AB was deployed alongside the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to conduct local policing and to set up emergency medical aid in the town of Lower Esseker. The next objective was to bring stability to the region by escorting and setting up a Ukrainian governor in the town of Petlov Grad. While providing security for the Ukrainian governor the 6th AB received new orders to head out to a local village and a hotel to provide British Nationals a safe extract from the area of Esseker where tensions were rising.

"A Rocky Outlook"

While the 6th AB were busy reconnecting the region of Esseker by means of the new local governor, the Canadian 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia were struggling to maintain security in Lower Esseker as rebel groups formed. The 1st Regiment of Scotland had completed their assignment at the Sawmill to calm tensions between workers and the government. The 6th AB’s next tasking was to head into Lower Esseker to first disband the rebel groups and then to show the locals that we are in the region to help and did not pose a threat. Unbeknown to NATO forces the rebels had acquired armoured vehicles, to counter this we had to gain support from the USMC 2nd Tank Battalion which provided much needed help to counter the threat inside of Lower Esseker.


DNR forces had moved into positions in the surrounding areas of the Airbase that NATO forces were stationed at and proceeded to simultaneously barrage both the NATO Airbase and Old Esseker in an attempt to push out NATO forces from the area. The artillery strike on Old Esseker had only enraged the local population and the tables had now turned on the DNR.

Meanwhile the 1st Regiment of Scotland had been pushed out of the Sawmill area into the Chardak Resort and ultimately surrounded by DNR forces, forcing them to take up arms and hold the area until friendly reinforcements arrived.

"Pushing Out"

The 6th AB had received orders to head out to the Chadak Resort to rescue the surrounded 1st Regiment of Scotland. While enroute to the objective the 6th AB passed through the 1st Regiment of Scotland’s checkpoint area which was lightly manned. While speaking to the Sergeant of the 1st Regiment of Scotland’s checkpoint, both platoons received fire from DNR forces assaulting from the North, in turn both Platoons returned fire and successfully defended the position, leading to a severe blow to the DNR forces morale in the area.

"Taking Position"

The 6th AB were then tasked to move to the region of Valtatie and secure the region and quell the possible Russian intervention in the region of Esseker. As the 6th AB had reached the Airbase in Valtatie the next turn was to retake important fuel positions from the Separatist Russian Forces that had taken them by force to possibly use against the Ukrainian Forces. As the 6th AB pushed through each objective the heavier the Separatists were armed. Ultimately the 6th AB ended up retaking all fuel depots in the area and handed over security to assisting American forces, while the 6th AB pushed on to retake an important oil supply, which was heavily defended with minefields but efficiently removed by the 6th AB’s Fire Support Group.

"Holding Them Back"

While putting a stop to try and retake the key positions in Valatie the Russian forces were growing tired of the Ukrainian threat that could possibly arise. Without warning they pushed NATO forces out of the region of Valatie, but not before friendly forces had drained the fuel depots as a procedure in case such advancements were made. All friendly forces in Valatie had decided to tactically withdraw to a more advantageous position back in Esseker. Camp Spencer was the first line of defense and also the line that the Russian forces couldn’t cross due to heavy support on the front lines.

"Handing Over"

Camp Spencer saw the first of the Ukrainian forces on the front lines reinforcing Camp Spencer to rotate NATO forces out of the area for some rest and recovery. As the 6th AB had rested and recovered they were tasked with retaking and holding the town of Chokory as it would be an imperative position for the DNR to take back or the Russian’s to push in and gain a foothold in the region. After successfully retaking the town of Chokory and handing that over to American forces the 6th AB headed back to the NATO-controlled Air Base in South Esseker.

"Final Days"

During the few last days in Esseker the 6th AB were tasked with providing much needed support in the flooded area of Lower Esseker and providing the locals a way out of the area if they wanted to be evacuated from their homes. While friendly forces were providing support to the area the last push of DNR forces took place, all and whatever they had to try and make a dent in NATO forces. The 6th AB took the brunt of the attack but suffered zero casualties, severely demoralising the DNR and disbanding them as a consequence. After finally patrolling the area and evacuating any civilians that wanted to leave the 6th AB returned to the Air Base in South Esseker, in turn the 6th AB’s job in Esseker was completed and peacekeeping duties were handed over to the American forces that would provide the Ukrainian forces the help they require to quell any attempt of the DNR forming or Russian forces pushing into the area.


All members that achieved 50% attendance during the campaign received the Operation Cossack medal.

Mentioned in Dispatches

An award given to a soldier for being mentioned positively repeatedly in campaign AARs (dispatches). What follows is a list of said awards, as well as quotations from their respective ICs taken from after action reports.

Pfc. L. Harman
“Harman again and again answers the call with his skills in general. His work as a CMT and willingness to multitask is a skill that 1/1 could rarely do without, he shows exactly what 1/1 asks of their men, to go above and beyond.”

Pfc. B. McFly
“Whilst never being trained or asked to do so McFly helped out the section time and time again, taking leadership of the section and proving himself to be an invaluable member that 1/1 couldn’t do without. His skills as both DMR and his ability to maintain composure under pressure is something that will serve him well in this unit."

MID - Pte. L. Viper
“1/1 chased and captured 1x Civilian after he was seen planting an IED in the road. Viper then proceeded to locate and capture the hostile and followed

Pte. J. Richard
“Joining 2 section only very recently, Richard adjusted extremely quickly and became an outstanding CMT. Always there when you needed him, juggling multiple radios and casualties at any one time. Even when required to treat casualties from across the entire platoon, Richard did not falter and was the man keeping us on our feet and moving forward at all times. I cannot commend his abilities as a CMT highly enough but his leadership skills (when called upon) also showed huge promise. He certainly deserves this award.”

Pfc. A. Lynch
“Pfc. A. Lynch has been an exceptional section member throughout the campaign. Always the rock of the section, his prowess as a DMR and impressive leadership capabilities helped to get 2 section out of many dangerous situations. Lynch contributed a disproportionate amount towards the sections success during the campaign and for this he deserves recognition.”

A/LCpl. N. Lewis
"A/LCpl N. Lewis showed exceptional qualities during Operation Cossack. His support was fundamental to the successful running of 1/3. Taking up the slack by helping train the newer members of the section. He followed orders and did what was needed with no fuss or complaints. Always ready to lend a hand where needed. The attitude the 6th would like from all their Pfc's."

Pfc. C. Reynolds
"Pfc. C. Reynolds represented the best aspects of a Pfc. Stepping up when 1/3 was formed, he worked hard with the new recruits helping them learn and get to the standards that the 6th expects. Short handed, he stepped into any role and task required of him without complaint."

Cpl. A. Harrison
“Throughout the campaign Harrison has shown dedication to his section by leading them at a constant high level of discipline. Without the constant support from his Fire Support Group the campaign as a whole would have been made that much harder.”

Pfc. T. Searik
“When Pfc. T. Searik attended he performed exceptionally well on those operations but one stood out the most, while the whole platoon seemed to be on the back foot retreating from a very aggressive Russian force Pfc. T. Searik's actions kept FSG operational, when not firing the 50. Cal to provide much needed suppression he was attending to his unconscious fellow members keeping them alive under extreme heavy fire.”

Pte. L. Roach
“During day 10 FSG were tasked to investigate a helicopter that was thought to have landed north of our position, as we headed further north we were ambushed by x3 BTR's and an unknown amount of Infantry causing FSG to become stranded, during that FSG took heavy casualties and seemed all but lost until Pte. L. Roach's selfless act on getting to an advantage point to take out one of the BTR`s and at least 2 sections if not more worth of enemy Infantry single handedly, unfortunately Pte. L. Roach was killed but not in vain he allowed time for 1/3 to reach us and help to get back to rest of platoon.”

Plt Off. K. ‘G.B.’ Richter
“Plt Off. K. ‘G.B.’ Richter has shown a high level of professionalism throughout the campaign and has dealt well with the number of unique situations that the 908 found itself in. He has performed beyond what I would expect of a pilot completing their first campaign.”

Military Cross

Awarded for consistent outstanding soldiering and behavior in active operations against the enemy that has contributed towards the success of the Company.

Sgt. T. Ryan
“Sgt. T. Ryan throughout the campaign had taken command of 1 Platoon on many occasions. He was a invaluable asset not only for his attendance of 100% in the campaign but also his leadership skills.”

Meritorious Service Medal

Awarded for commendable and exemplary service or services to the 6th Airborne.

Lt. J. Bailey (MID)
“Lt. J. Bailey has been the beating heart of the unit for along period of time, keeping the unit together and progressing forward as one. He is overly deserving of this commendation, and honestly it’s long overdue. Not to mention a fantastic show of leadership throughout this campaign."

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