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[Accepted] Z.Perry Application
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Pfc. Z. Perry
Thu Oct 05 2017, 04:09PM

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1. Name

2. Date of birth
01/01/1999 (yes i was on new years day)

3. Nationality

4. Do you own ArmA 3
. Yes

5 Do you have a microphone?

6. Do you agree to remain active, checking the forums at least once every 36 hours and posting Attendance?

All of our members must attend training's as much as possible, you are also expected to check the forums frequently for unit announcements, promotions and modification updates. You are also expected to post attendance in Section Attendance Polls when you can or cannot attend training's / operations.

7. Are you able to attend the following training days?
Wednesday - 19:30 and Sunday 19:30 (GMT/ZULU in Winter months - BST/GMT+1 in Summer months). Yes

8. How did you hear about us?
Steam post

9. Were you recruited by a member of the 6th?
Yes by Pte. M. Warry

10. Are you able to speak fluent English?
Yes. i am English

11. Are you currently in a unit, clan or community?

12 How much experience do you have with ace?
Yeah used these mods before with a past Group.

13. Have you been a member of any other realism / mil-sim groups or units. If so, please expand on this experience?
Yes, it was a Halo mod and we used Ace and advanced mods. I was a medic during this and the team eventually fell apart.

14. Do you have any previous real-life experience in your nations armed forces, cadet forces, reserve forces, civil defense / security work or reenactment?
Yes. Cadets.

15. Please elaborate on why you wish to join the 6th Airborne Division,
Looking to join a mil sim group and posted on arma forums. After looking around and researching this one looked the most professional and most coordinated. which is what i'm looking for.

[ Edited Fri Oct 06 2017, 07:14PM ]

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Cpl. A. Harrison
Thu Oct 05 2017, 04:57PM

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Dear Z. Perry

Thank you for your application. I have sent you a PM concerning the next steps in joining the 6th AB, please check your inbox and respond as soon as you can.


Cpl A. Harrison
Head of RTT

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Cpl. A. Harrison
Fri Oct 06 2017, 07:14PM

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Dear Recruit,

Congratulations on completing your interview, you're currently under observation as a possible member of the 6th Airborne Division. You will enter the unit as a recruit and will be considered a recruit until you complete the Recruit Training Program. You are currently assigned to the Training Platoon. Your first task is to read the Recruit Welcome Message. It contains important information such as our mod-pack installation instructions. Your second task is to post availability in the Basic Infantry Training for your Phase One recruit training.

Welcome to the 6th Airborne!

Cpl. A. Harrison
Head of RTT.

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