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Company AAR - Mirage
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Company AAR
Operation Mirage
Kunduz and Clafghan

"The Brief"
ISIL forces have made their presence known in the region of Kunduz and are winning the battle against the Welsh Guards, 6th AB will put a stop to this and eradicate all ISIL strongholds and leaders. Bring security, safety and peace to this war torn region, show compassion and vigilance at every turn, but do not give the enemy time to think or out maneuver. Do as the Airborne forces know best, how the 6th know best, attack with violent ferocity, blinding speed and professionalism.

Day 1Beachhead
We arrived at FOB Caradoc much to the delight and relief of the Welsh Guards. We garrisoned the walls whilst the commanders’ briefed us of the situation. Standard patrols headed out to the immediate regions of the FOB to talk with the local populace and check for anything untoward. It didn’t take long before the first sounds of war were heard. Mortar shells began landing on the FOB. Although in accurate, the shells definitely resonated fear in the new guys. Wildcat 1-1 was quickly on hand to locate and destroy this nuisance. The message we received by enemy forces was, “you shoot us, we shoot you with bigger stuff”. E/5/2 swooped in to capture a POW from the mortar position and to dispose of any remaining equipment. The POW was escorted back to the FOB and “debriefed”. 2 Platoon were unfortunate to encounter a suicide bomber. This surprise attack killed one private outright, with not much was left of him. It also injured several others in that section. This attack showed that we fight an enemy that neither fear us, nor death. We would have to be extra careful in future situations. With our first fatality and the blood starting to flow along the Kunduz sand, we all realised that we had arrived in Hell. MERT arrived on scene to tend to the wounded and CASEVAC them with speed. I’m glad to note that no other deaths resulted in the bombing. 1 Platoon then employed the revised response to people getting too close. They managed to take out a suicide bomber before he got close enough to do any damage. Thankfully they were aware and didn’t take any chances. As the company then moved into a more populated area, Tappeh Ka, they received sporadic contact all the way up until a compound of the Eastern side of town was identified as the source of enemy in this town It was surrounded and then assaulted with devastating force by 2 Platoon. The company extracted after a long and hard fought day on the hot sand of this foreign land. The guys saw some things they won’t forget today, but this is just the beginning.

Day 2Wildcat Falling
“Am I waking up in hell?”, is the thought that many had, but we have a mission to do and the nightmares will not dissuade it. Tappeh Ka was the focus of the day; a lot of action went down there last time and no doubt it still has more surprises to give. The company perched itself on the precipice just outside of the town, peering into its hustle and bustle. With eyes on the patrols began. Our first warning sign flashed up, Wildcat 1-1 received a positive lock on by enemy AA, it bugged out just in time to negate a potential demise. 2 Platoon got positive identification on this IGLA wielding dissident and neutralised it. The patrols turned into full on assault and Tappeh Ka was declared a hot zone. The infantry began their push into the bowels of the town, while in the sky Wildcat 1-1 again got locked onto, but this time it was too late. The rocket turned Wildcat 1-1 into a fireball, impacting close to Tappeh Ka. Miraculously the pilot survived and called for help. E/5/2 obliged - packing up their SBF and jumping in the Coyote they blazed across Tappeh Ka and arrived to secure and protect the injured pilot. While 2 Platoon cleared Tappeh Ka, 1 Platoon reorged with E/5/2 to ensure the pilot was safely extracted then continued onto Shek Ka. Shek Ka turned out to be a death trap with IEDs all over the place. 1 Platoon got the worst of it and were hit by several IEDs. One of the sections was rendered combat ineffective, MERT were needed ASAP. 1 Platoon rallied and secured Shek Ka, while MERT arrived to CASEVAC all injured personnel. 2 Platoon finished clearing Tappeh Ka. The call then came over the radio, the FOB was under attack. 1 Platoon got QRFed back to the FOB to repel the attackers. With the combined force of 1 Platoon and E/5/2, all attackers were killed and the assault thwarted. 2 Platoon finished the evening by mopping up the remain enemy forces in Tap Ka, then the Company RTBed for a deserved rest.

Day 3Checkpoint
It was time to secure the territory that we had fought so hard to take. Checkpoints were setup on key roadways that connected the mid region to the southern region. Civilians began the flood back into the south, with aid from NATO forces they had a home to return to. The enemy were watching and waiting and they picked their time to strike with precision, using civilians to mask their approach they unleashed devastating attacks the checkpoints using all manner of savage tactics. Suicide bombers, RPGs, grenades, snipers, VBIEDs, you name, it they threw it at us, but we held the line. We did record a few civilian casualties that got caught in the crossfire and condolences were extended to their families, but most importantly we won the day and the enemy retreated back into their holes. E/5/2, in the meantime, managed to locate and destroy a ISIL IED factory. With unparalleled strategic prowess, they managed to setup with eyes on the enemy position, assess it for weaknesses and then unleash a tidal wave of destructive force upon it, devastating the facility and putting a permanent hold on its operation.

Day 4Meeting the Elders
It was time to sit down with the main governing body of the region and discuss future operations. A meet was organised and a place was determined, now all we had to do was get there and prevent any disasters from occurring. Flight were a bit hesitant to land us near the meeting place after the loss of one of their airframes and the small confines of the AO, the enemy had sophisticated AA systems and they knew how to use them. This left only one solution to ensure that we got to the meeting on time and fully prepared, a convoy. We mounted up and began the long drive to Chahar Dara, our journey wasn’t with drama however, we narrowly avoided an IED blockade and considerable ambush, a counterattack from us ensued to successfully push the enemy back into their origin point. This turned out to be an elaborate cave system overlooking Chahar Dara, E/5/2 with elements of 2 Platoon managed to navigate the tunnels and cleanse all occupants even recovering intel. We pushed into Chahar Dara and quickly secured the meeting place setting up a defensive posture. The Elders arrived and the meeting was had, it didn’t take long to establish a line of understanding between the two parties and everyone walked away with assurances of a better tomorrow. More importantly the greenlight was given for a direct search of Chahar Dara. The patrols began in and around Chahar Dara, we came under contact several times throughout the day but nothing to significant, however a resupply Merlin did receive a direct hit from enemy AA, unfortunately it and its pilot didn’t survive the collision with the ground. The company then RTB.

Day 5The ANA
We knew that the ANA were operating somewhere in this region but had received no sightings or communication with them since our arrival, but we knew it was a matter of time before they showed up. The first order of business was to pick up where we left off in Chahar Dara, we concluded clearing the town as well as acting on vital intel given to us by the elders on VIPs, these people we located and questioned for any additional information. The ANA forces were sighted garrisoning a nearby stronghold, but even when 2 Platoon started receiving contact from the East, they stay within their walls and simple watched, it was clear to us that they had no intention of assisting our efforts and that we wouldn’t be able to rely on them.

Day 6Warlord
A prominent ISIL Warlord was identified and he location revealed, we were tasked to bring him in and that is what we set out to do, it was only a matter of time before he received word that his location was revealed, so we knew that we had to act quickly. A convoy was geared up and send out to the Northern region to apprehend the Warlord before he could escape, but this mission wasn’t as simple as originally thought. ISIL forces were waiting for us and unleashed a sizeable ambush on the convoy, disabling several vehicles with RPGs and inflicting multiple casualties. With our arrival to the Warlords location stagnated, he surely had received a heads up that we were on our way, time was running out. E/5/2 began mortaring key locations in order to slow ISIL forces down and provide the infantry with need much need time and space to reorg and redeploy. We managed to advance with haste and violent of action to cut off the Warlord retreat, with nowhere to go he had only one option, stand and fight. ISIL forces made it a hell of a battle slogging through the streets, IEDs on practically every corner, AA systems preventing Flight from straying too close and using suicide bombers their full potential. We suffered heavy casualties in our move to secure the Warlord but never the less, we got him in the end, dragged him out of his bunker bleeding and yelling, we made sure to extract him back to base for a “debrief”. As 2 Platoon assisted with the Warlords extraction, 1 Platoon pursued the remnants of the ISIL forces, unfortunately for them it was a trap, they were forced to pull back and had to end the night in a Harbor Area.

Day 7Day of Days
Upon received the debrief report on the capture warlord, the intel painted a pretty concise picture of the ISIL hierarchy in the region, the decision was made, we go after the ISIL commander now that we have his location and we put a stop to him. This action should be swift and vicious, there is no room for mistakes this time, dead or alive ISIL will lose a high ranking commander today. With his demise will surely come the end to the high amount of ISIL activity in the region and will lead the region down the long road to recovery and peace. The ISIL commander has nowhere to go, we must corner him and deliver the final blow. His location is known and intel has been gathered on his defences we are prepared for anything. The Company set out encircling the town of Anbar Tappeh and cutting off all routes including the main MSR, Anbar Tappeh was search thoroughly but no commander was found, in fact there was zero contact. Flight assets then identified a heavily fortified town called Darreh in the North-East, further ISTARs confirmed presence of ISIL forces and this was now our priority. A full scale assault was order on the installation with no restrictions on assets to be used, Archer 1-1 hit it with several rockets and cannon barrages, E/5/2 launched multiple mortar fire control missions into the fortification, as much damage and firepower as we could bring to bear was enacted upon the enemy. ISIL forces were determined not to go down without a fight however, they threw everything that they had at us, mortaring our advancing infantry and deploying several armoured assets like BTRs and BMPs, not to mention the numerous AA threats that they had ready for our airframes. When the dust settled the infantry made their final push into the town and bunkers finding multiple ammo caches, eliminating dozens of enemy infantry and finding the lifeless body of the ISIL commander. With our primary tasking done, it was time to call it a day.

Day 8Farewell
With a sigh of relief and the ISIL forces dealt a significant blow, it was time to say our farewells to this place, we wouldn’t miss it. A final tasking was handed down to us before we extracted from the region, on paper it seemed simple enough, guard the Airport road, in reality things were about to get serious. Forward patrols and engineers erected checkpoints on the MSR and we set out via Chinook and convoy to man these locations. The task was simple safeguard the civilians and ensure that the road and any UN convoys were protected. It started very poorly, in fact the worst start you can fathom, a UN convoy was hit by an IED and 2 Platoon were on route to secure and extract them. Unfortunately for 1 Platoon an ISIL AA piece was still operational and it was placed in just the right spot, the Chinook had no chance of maneuvering against the rocket and down it went. The heavy impact killed several members of the Platoon and injured a sizable chunk, one of the sections was declared combat ineffective and MERT were sent in to rectify the situation. Flight took out the AA pieces and performed CASEVACs for those that need it, including transportation for the survive 1 Platoon members. Now that the 1 Platoon checkpoint was several undermanned and the UN casualties had been CASEVACed, it was time to proceed with checkpoint operations. Several small patrols were sent out from both checkpoint to ensure the surrounding area was secure, both checkpoint did receive sporadic contact through the day, but all three UN convoys managed to traverse the MSR with little difficulty, apart from near miss from an IED, which E/5/2 diffused, things went smoothly. The ANA forces agreed to get off their arsed and assist with the restabalisation of the region and we started to hand over the control of our checkpoints and patrol bases to their forces. Our withdrawal and handover didn’t go without a hitch though, several sabotage attempts were made on our patrol bases, but together with the ANA forces we managed to thwart the attacks and successfully reorged at FOB Caradoc. Finally we extracted via Chopper.

Day 9Terminal Velocity
Our arrival in Clafghan was a bumpy one, the orders were simple, drop into enemy territory and capture a key location. On paper it was planned meticulously, every detail mapped and analysed, we thought that we were fully prepared for the scenario to come, we were wrong. Turbulence was high and tensions flaring, it felt like we were going to fall out of the sky. When green light hit, we couldn’t wait to get out of the airframe, the harsh air of Clafghan hit us on the way down but it was rather scenic. The situation sparked memory of an appropriate tune from an old wargame, which many of the men starting humming to themselves on their descent. The drops were scattered and a lot of people lost essential pieces of kit, but eventually we got to our RVs and headed out across the mountainside. It was slow going and tough hiking over this horrendous terrain, we even lost track of the sections a few times, the radios were acting up in the hills and it was lucky we didn’t get ambushed. Finally arriving at our destination, we overlooked our objective, a heavily fortified airfield teeming with enemy activity, this wasn’t going to be easy. The infantry got into position close to the exterior wall, then E/5/2 and Archer 1-1 began their assault, a combination of precise Javelin shots and heavy HMG suppression with Rocket fire and cannon barrages. The assault had begun, the explosive charges were placed on the outer wall and detonated, 1 Platoon breached the objective. 2 Platoon got bogged down by heavy fire and were late to their breach point but they still managed to blow a hole through the exterior wall and enter the objective. Because of the 2 Platoon delay, 1 Platoon were inside a busy objective all on their own, they took heavy casualties, 2 soldiers lost their lives. As 2 Platoon enter the objective, 1 Platoon withdrew to the CCP as they were now combat ineffective. Several enemy planes tried to take off from the airstrip but were shot down easily by Archer 1-1. 2 Platoon finished the clearance of the Airfield, mopping up some stragglers on the out walls, while 1 Platoon reentered the Airfield and secured several enemy vehicles. A final sweep turned up some large ammo caches and several pieces of encrypted intel. We setup defenses and prepared for a long night, this was home now.

Day 10Sentinel
We had been on alert for the entire night, not much sleep was had and the guys had gained many scars from the previous day. A counter attack was inevitable so using the enemy fortifications against them we waited. E/5/2 made quick work of destroying all capture enemy assets and then return to the defensive line, sure enough the enemy came in force soon after first light. They threw everything they had at us, Technicals, BTRs, BMP, snipers, grenades and platoons of infantry. It seemed like they really wanted this Airfield back, but that wasn’t going to happen, we took several casualties but our defenses held up, the enemy soon withdrew. The orders came down from Battalion, we were moving out, they enemy had a stronghold to the north, they would surely use this as a staging area to perform more attack on us, it had to be neutralised. It was a long drive over harsh terrain towards our objective near the town of Machifazar, the Ridgebacks didn’t suit well going up hill, it was very slow going. But of course the enemy were waiting for us along the path, we have to fight through several ambushes losing two of our vehicles in the process, nevertheless we got to our objective. The enemy had build themselves a fortified bunker on top of a large mountain, getting up to the top of the mountain was a task in of itself, once we got to the peak, we realised it was a death trap. One way in and it was defended by a BMP, autocannons are bad news for infantry, we pushed on. Heavy casualties were inflicted and we lost nearly an entire section, but we managed to hit the BMP with enough AT to take it down, the rest of the assault went down without much resistance. Not having Archer 1-1 to assist us was a huge tactical negative, it cost us many lives. Once we have the base secured, we located more intel, a decoder cypher, we could use this to great effect on the garbled intel that we have already received. It didn’t take long before we started receiving fire from Machifazar itself. On closer inspection it had several enemy positions within, but we had to be careful not to kill any civilians. The infantry were sent in to do a through sweep, house to house they went, until eventually the town was clear. The decision was made to hunker down here and stay the night.

Day 11The Governor
Having spent time fortifying our new Patrol base we became quite attached to it, but trivial matters would have to wait for now, the aftermath of the assault had to be cleaned up and attended to. Several civilians were injured and the bodies of the enemy had to be collected and accounted for. A field hospital was setup by MERT in order to processes the civilian casualties and make sure that they got all the medical attention that they need. We also setup a temporary morgue for the enemy combatants, there were many of them. Our next tasking was to assault the power base of the enemy in the region, attacking and destroying key locations dotted throughout this region, 4 had four targets in total, there was a lot of walking to be done, it would be a long day. Starting out heading towards our first objective, things went very smoothly, we identified the target, closed the distance and assaulted, apart for a small counter attack that came after we had secured the objective, things were going according to plan. En route to Objective two our trailing vehicles stumbled upon a very well concealed minefield, both Ridgebacks and many of their occupants were destroyed resulting in a long hold for our advance. E/5/2 used this time to setup a mortar position and complete level objective two, the explosions and cook off could be heard for miles around and it lasted for hours. Flight were then tasked to annihilate objective 3 which they did very handily, while 2 Platoon moved towards objective 4. 1 Platoon moved into Mandingara in order to secure a meeting place with this regions Governor, this however didn’t happen, the Governor was nowhere to be seen and 1 Platoon got ambushed. 1 Platoon did manage to beat back the ambushers as well as identifying several ammo caches for Flight to bomb. 2 Platoon maneuvered and assaulted objective 4 with ease and overwhelmed it. All element reorg at Mandingara and RTB to Machifazar.

Day 12Arms Dealer
Gaining even more intel of the ongoings of the region, it was discovered that an Arms Dealer was working closely with ISIL forces, if only we could capture him, it would provide a wealth of knowledge for our future taskings and deal a blow to ISIL. Battalion command agreed with this assessment and through NATO contacts establish a second meeting with the regional Governor, it would take place in Mandingara. ACoy arrived within Mandingara in force, setting up a defensive perimeter while their CO talked with the Governor. Thing went very civil, the Governor expressed his thanks for British forces fighting the ISIL scourge and hoped that it would continue. He provide intel on the whereabouts of this Arms Dealer that we were looking for as well. Pleasantries were shared and the two parties went their separate ways. Now that we have a lead on the Arms Dealer it was time to strike and strike hard. We quickly navigated to his location and encircled the town, all seem quite until we began our approach. There was no sign of the Arms Dealers vehicle and then the local start to open fire, a long firefight ensued including a heavy ambush on the mountainside by many ISIL forces, we received a few casualties but won the fight. A few POWs were questioned and sent back to base for further “debriefing”, one of the locals revealed a disturbing fact, the Governor was apparently working with ISIL against us, this had to be investigated. The other POW reveal the actual location of the Arms Dealer which was further to the West, again we had a destination. Setting out towards a fortified enemy position it started to get dark, this would be a long night. The initial assault was a mixed bag, Flight did manage to destroy most of their targets, but some remained including a ZU-23 and several BMPs. Heavy casualties came from the BMPs barreling down the road towards the infantry, but a combined attack from AT pieces and Archer 1-1 managed to down them. Assaulting the Arm Dealers position before he could retreat to the enemy compound was a success, we managed to cut through their infantry, disable the mortar pit and capture the Arms Dealer who was severely injured. As medics attended to the Arms Dealer, E/5/2 finished off any remaining contacts in the enemy compound apart from a well concealed ZU-23. This AA piece nearly took down the extraction chopper, but a magnificent piece of flying coupled with a fast reaction from E/5/2 averted disaster. All elements RTB. Unfortunately the Arms Dealer died on route back to base.

Day 13Meet and Greet
Working off of the mountain of intelligence that we had collected, it was deemed that a return mission to Camp Kinno was warranted. The Governors secret schemes had been uncovered, now we needed to catch him in the act and bring him in for “debrief”. Drone recon reported that a small group of ISIL forces had returned to Camp Kinno, we speculated that they were trying to destroy intel and make the fortification unsalvageable to us. ACoy advanced on Camp Kinno with speed and aggression, E/5/2 provide a suppressive baseline for the infantry to advance, the guard towers and Static defenses were destroyed and the Camp was breached at the front gate. E/5/2 with lightning speed and decisive action took out an enemy tank that was lying in wait in a subterranean tunnel. As soon as it emerge to start devastating the infantry, it was despatched. With the camp cleared and only a few casualties taken it was time to plan our next move, working off of new intel gather from the camp, we now knew the location and time of a meeting between the Governor and an ISIL Lt. Orders came down to crash this meeting and take the two VIPs alive. We set out towards the meeting place, the ISIL Lt was already there waiting, we surrounded the area and prepared for the Governors arrival. Not long passed and the Governor showed up, the meeting between the two was brief, one of the ISIL Lts men spotted us and began to engage, this resulted in a full on firefight. The PMC forces with the Governor opened fire on the ISIL forces and then surrendered to us, we captured the Governor but the ISIL Lt was killed in the chaos. It didn’t take long for the gunfire to draw unwanted attention, a heavy counter attack proceeded, several armored and motorised assets converged on our location and most of the PMC forces were killed in the fight. Unfortunately as we withdrew to a more secure location, the Governor got hit by an enemy grenade, he was killed instantly. We managed to get back to our RV and repel the rest of the attackers, then we RTB.

Day 14Highway to Hell
There will be no rest for the wicked, Flight were unavailable for the next tasking which meant a very long drive up the Eastern road, deep within enemy territory. The mission was simple, clear the Eastern region and advance towards a key enemy ammo cache. The decision to use Foxhounds instead of Ridgebacks was a smart one, we had a long way to go in this convoy, we needed speed not brawn. Along the journey we encounter sporadic contact on the road, some small ambushes and low key firefights in the towns. Night was upon us and we kept up the pace, racing towards the ammo cache and taking out any obstacle in our way, the depleted enemy forces in the region were no match for us this day. Eventually we arrived at our objective after a long and treacherous journey along the narrow, winding roads of the Eastern region, the terrain turned out the be our main enemy in this tasking. E/5/2 setup in a flanking posture near the ammo cache and began taking out hard assets like BTRs, while the infantry advanced up the road towards a roadblock. A BTR was waiting for them there and inflicted moderate casualties, but we eventually taken out by AT, this didn’t stop the advance and soon the ammo cache had been cleared. We formed a harbor area at a safe distance from the ammo cache and E/5/2 got to setting charges and blowing it up. We had officially arrived in the Northern region, prime ISIL territory.

Day 15Rescue
Now that we were in an ideal position to take the fight the main body of ISIL’s forces, it was time to advance with ferrority. The call came in from Battalion command, ANA forces were under imminent attack from a large ISIL host, we have no time to spare, even though the ANA hadn’t done anything to assist us this entire campaign, we couldn’t just let them be annihilated. Plans were put in motion to intercept the enemy forces and so began our deployment North to cut off the attackers. Marching forward with haste we assault a key flanking town to the West of ANA held Camp Branca. It was a quick, by the book assault, the enemy were taken unawares and we had total surprise on our side. With the West flank secured it was time to move to Camp Branca, unfortunately it was already under attack, a VBIED hit it’s front gate and dozens of enemy forces began to pour in. By the time that we got there, no ANA forced had survive the attack, but we did manage to defeat all ISIL attacks and even a counter attacking BTR. Another call from high command came down the chain, the ANA HQ at Mini Al Malak were under heavy attack and wouldn’t last long. Mini Al Malak and its surrounding areas were large and spiralling, it would take a force much larger than the one that we had available to use to completely clear and secure it, we pushed on anyway. By the time we got to the ANA HQ building it was way too late, all ANA forces including their commander were dead, now all that remain to do was to deal with all remaining ISIL forces in the area. It took a long time clearing out all the nooks and crannies, but eventually the town was declare clear, we then RTB.

Day 16Abyss
The end of this tour was coming and everyone could feel it, we would all be relieved when it came. The last tasking was to hit the enemy head on with as much firepower that we could muster, we were to paradrop into enemy territory, secure a foothold and assault the enemy positions until there was nothing left. The flight and jump was much more relax and without incident that the opening day, however as soon as we landed the enemy had our number, they didn’t wait for us to assault, they attacked relentlessly and with terrifying force like we had never experienced before. We were in the fight of our lives and soldiers were dropping left, right and center. E/5/2 got engaged by three enemy BMPs, they didn’t last long, but managed to take two of them out before all of the element had to withdraw. The infantry were caught up in a losing battle and had to continuously withdraw East under the advancing lines of the enemy, nearly two sections worth of infantry were lost in this firefight. Thankfully the American came to our aid, hitting the enemy ground forces and armor targets with multiple A-10 gun runs, their IFVs made quick work of the enemy infantry and they manage to secure the area. We had to reorg and count our dead, the Americans pushed on to complete all outstanding objectives and even manage to capture the ISIL CO. Suffice to say, if the American hadn’t shown up it would of been a dark day in 6th history.

The Debrief
This campaign was extremely long, hard fought and most of all the 6ths biggest challenge. A lot of member need to be thanked for getting us through and hopefully the mistakes that were made during the campaign can be learned from. Under the circumstances I think that people did extremely well, although the campaign wasn’t at the standard that we expected, it still gave us a challenge and something to remember. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for participating and sticking around until the curtains drew, Home Rotation will allow us to train new recruits, fill out the sections and prepare for our next endeavour. Good luck to everyone in Home Rotation, there is a lot to work on, but we can most certain defeat any and all challenges that present themselves.

Operation Mirage Medal
All those who attended 9/16 missions or more are eligible for the Operation Mirage Award.

Sgt. D. Stirling
Cpl. S. Gibbons
A/LCpl. B. McFly
Pte. P. Hill
Pte. T. Ward
Pfc. L. Viper
Pte. S. Osborne
A/LCpl. L. Gustafsson
Pte. M. Warry
Pte. L. Jensen
Lt. T. Ryan
Cpl. N. Lewis
Cpl. A. Harrison
A/Cpl. H. Hardwick
Fg. Off. F. Ancona
A/LCpl. N. Mitchell
Pte. S. Sokolov

Mention in Dispatches
The following soldiers have been awarded 'mentioned in dispatches' for actions carried out to a high standard during Operation Mirage that caused them to literally be mentioned within the dispatches of their IC's.

A/LCpl. N. Mitchell - MERT
APO. J. Richard - 908
Flt. Lt. B. Booni - 908
LCpl. T. Buck - FSG
Pte. L. Roach - FSG
A/2Lt. M. Gray - 1/0
Pte. A. Walker - 1 Sec
A/LCpl. N. McHale - 2 Sec
Pte. S. Daysh - 2 Sec
Pte. W. Jurgens - 1 Sec
Pfc. C. Reynolds - 3 Sec
Cpl. B. Spittle - 2 Sec
Pfc. L. Harman - 1 Sec
LAC. J. Blakeway - TACP

Military Cross

Pte. L. Roach - FSG - Outstanding use of a Sniper rifle throughout the Campaign.
Pte. A. Walker - 1 Sec - Walker was heavily mentioned in the majority of AARs, consistently an asset to the unit.

Conspicuous Gallantry Cross

A/2Lt. M. Gray - 1/0 - Without Gray throughout this campaign, thing would of gone very poorly. He was the foundation that the platoon needed in order to operate. He stepped up every mission and fulfil the roles required of him with exemplary commitment.

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Cpl. S. Gibbons - 1 Sec - Services to his Section as an NCO.
LAC. J. Blakeway - TACP - Services to the new Website.
A/LCpl. N. McHale - 2 Sec - Services to his Section as an NCO.
Pfc. L. Viper - 2 Sec - Services to his Section. Services to RLC.
A/LCpl. L. Gustafsson - 3 Sec - Services to his Section. Services to RLC.
LCpl. T. Buck - FSG - Services to his Section as an NCO. Services to RTT.
Lt. T. Ryan - Recce - Services to his Platoon.
Flt. Lt. B. Booni - 908 - Services to his Section.
A/LCpl. N. Mitchell - MERT - Services to his Section as an NCO. Services to REME.
Pte. M. Warry - 3 Sec - Services to BART and Recruitment.

Distinguished Conduct Medal w/Silver Clasp

Cpl. N. Lewis - Recce - Services to his Section as an NCO. Services to RLC.
A/LCpl. B. McFly - 1 Sec - Services to his Section as an NCO. Services to BART.
A/Cpl. H. Hardwick - TACP - Services to his Section as an NCO.
Cpl. A. Harrison - FSG - Services to his Section as an NCO. Services to RTT.
Cpl. B. Spittle - 2 Sec - Services to his Section as an NCO. Services to REME and RLC.
Fg. Off. F. Ancona - 908 - Services to his Section. Services to RLC,
Pte. S. Sokolov - MERT - Services to BART,

Distinguished Conduct Medal w/Gold Clasp

Sgt. D. Stirling - Services to his Platoon as an SNCO/Officer.

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

Pte. P. Hill - 1 Sec
Pte. L. Roach - FSG

Special Thanks
RLC Team (Coker, Ancona, Lewis, Spittle, Viper, Gustafsson, Harman)
RTT Team (Harrison & Buck)
BART Team (McFly, Sokolov, Warry)
REME Team (Spittle. Blakeway, Mitchell, Viper)
Command Team (Gray, Stirling)
Support Team (Booni, Harrison, Mitchell, Hardwick)

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