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Company AAR - Operation Basilisk
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Campaign Operation Basilisk AAR

Opening Statement

The 6th Airborne Division were tasked to the region of Sahrani to provide support to the locale and in turn disbanding the oppressive military presence that had took hold of the region. The 6th Airborne Division fought hard up until the closing days of the campaign.

"The Beginning"

The 6th Airborne Division were swiftly deployed into the region of Sahrani, however because of the quick insertion that took place only a limited amount of combat necessities were able to be brought in with the Company.

"Release the Hounds"

The 6th Airborne Divisions first priority was to hit a major military base that was highly fortified and heavily manned. As the Company touched down they were immediately spotted by an enemy sniper team that had been posted to keep watch on the northside of the island, however they were quickly dispatched by E/5/2. As the Company moved further west they had to navigate around a marked minefield that was posted on the eastern side of the military base. The order was given to assault the compound and capture any POWs. As the assault progressed enemy motorised QRFs had flanked 1 Platoon from the south. The assault was a success with a total of 3 POWs captured and the capture of the military base.

"Kicking the Hornets Nest"

1 Platoon headed out east towards a failed NATO resupply drop in hopes of finding ammunition and medical supplies. As the 6th AB drew closer to the last known position, contact was taken as the resupply drop had been found and captured by enemy forces. With the help of E/5/2, 1 Platoon managed to successfully capture and redistribute the supplies and also gain much needed anti-tank weapons. Meanwhile R/1/5 were tasked with heading south to gain intelligence on the main objective which was heavily manned and fortified town. The Company’s assault on to the town was met with heavy casualties on both sides but despite this the 6th AB pushed through and took the town which was a heavy blow towards the enemies morale.

"Running on Fumes"

The Company were then tasked with heading to an important enemy fuel depot to take and if necessary, destroy. As the Company drew closer an enemy MI-8 flew overhead and presumably saw the infantry moving towards the fuel depot and radioed ahead. This gave the enemy an advantage to start moving themselves into better positions and also started the quick reaction forces moving a lot sooner to help defend the position. R/1/5 were tasked with overwatch duties over the western side of the fuel depot to help alleviate the infantry sections that were dealing with the fuel depot itself. Armored QRFs were quickly dealt with by E/5/2’s Javelin systems. After a prolonged firefight the enemy forces had decided it was better to leave the fuel depot as they were fighting a losing battle and the Company had yet again claimed another victory over the enemy forces that had tried to defend it with a majority of their armored assets which cost them heavily.

"Count the Out"

With supplies running dangerously low it was decided that we needed to head towards another NATO supply drop and also to take the enemies most northern airfield which was holding ¾ of the enemies total helicopter assets. The attack was surprisingly smooth with minimal casualties and it cemented the 6th AB’s hold on one of the main airfields which would be of great help for refuelling and also the landing of future supplies.

"Falling from Power

With the 6th AB’s very presence on the island and the enemy losing ground fast it was only a matter of time before they crumbled. The town of Corazol was the last fortified town that the enemy had control of. The Company headed towards the town of Corazol and received very sparse contact on the outskirts which was dealt with by the infantry, while the 6th AB’s flight assets softened up the bunkers within the town. E/5/2 and R/1/5 provided great support by taking higher ground and dealing with contacts that were headed towards the infantry on the ground clearing buildings and compounds.

"The Last Stand"

The final objective was the southern airfield which housed multiple Hind helicopters and Frogfoot aircraft. This was the last stand for the enemy and they had nothing to lose so were fighting with all they had. As the Company drew closer the enemy had got wind of the direction of assault and started to hold the 6th AB at bay. While the Company was pinned down they had sent up all of their available air assets to hit the infantry on the ground and also to stop any CASEVAC’s and reinserts from entering the AO. Flight assets were on-hand with fixed-wing air support and had dealt with the less mobile enemy Frogfoot aircraft with relative ease. Once all of the enemy air assets were dealt with the Company proceeded to push north into the airfield and take out the last of the residing enemies that were holding on until the very end.

Closing Statement

After the efforts of the 6th Airborne Division the enemy faction quickly disbanded and the UN has relieved the 6th AB of peacekeeping duties and are currently reinstating the regions police force.


All members that achieved 50% attendance during the campaign received the Operation Basilisk medal.

Mentioned in Dispatches

An award given to a soldier for being mentioned positively repeatedly in campaign AARs (dispatches).

Sgt. D. Stirling
"Sgt. D. Stirling has proven to be a core member of the 1 platoon command team. Throughout the campaign he has shown he is capable of leading the platoon not only under-pressure but as a whole and it is due to this that he is more than deserving of this medal." - Lt. J. Bailey

Sgt. T. Ryan
"Sgt. T. Ryan is a core member of not only his section but also to his NCG work. His dedication to both leading his section and the NCG throughout this campaign has proven that he is more that capable of progressing further and will continue to do so." - Lt. J. Bailey

Pfc. A. Walker
"For his exceptional work stepping up to an IC role during the campaign."

Pte. T. Ward
"For his high-level of work during the campaign."

Pte. P. Quibble
"For his numerous mentions in dispatches."

Pte. S. Daysh
"For his exceptional work as a Combat Medical Technician."

Pte. Z. Perry
"For his continued hard work during the campaign for his section."

Pte. M. Underwood
"For his exemplary standards and continued work for his section."

Cpl. N. Lewis
"For his leadership skills throughout the campaign."

This concludes the Mentioned in Dispatches medals.

Medal for Regimental Conscription

Awarded to those who replenish the ranks of the 6th Airborne, bringing in at least three successful recruits.

Pfc. B. McFly

"Pfc. B. McFly since joining BART has wanted to make sure that the 6th Airborne Divison's name is on the front-page of everything. He has on numerous occasions spoken to myself to explain ideas and draw out plans to not only make progress in BART but also the units image as a whole. It is because of this that recruitment has increased over the past few months. I'm sure I speak on behalf of McFly when I say that it is also made possible by the members of BART that put together the great media and also come forth with ideas to improve the NCG." - Lt. J. Bailey


2Lt. M. Gray
"A/2Lt M. Gray has time and time again proven that he is more than capable of leading the platoon both in trainings and campaigns. It is because of his hard work that the platoon continues to thrive and he is highly respected by his platoon members. From working closely with Gray to create training plans, campaign plans and also plans to further the unit, I know that having Gray as a 2Lt the platoon will be in safe hands." - Lt. J. Bailey

Pfc. S. Daysh
"Pte. S. Daysh has proven to be a valued member of 1/2 since joining the 6th AB. He has approached tasks with a level of maturity and professionalism above what is expected of our members. During his time in 1/2 he has shown skill, dedication and professionalism through his role as team medic and has also been an invaluable asset to BART, making high quality promotional videos for our most recent campaign. Daysh has shown to be one of the foundations of 1/2 and is more than deserving of his promotion to Pfc." - LCpl. McHale

Pfc. Z. Perry
"Pte. Z. Perry has shown to be a core member of 1/2, with his diverse skills, covering essential roles such as DMR and CMT. The level of competence and potential in Perry will benefit 1/2 greatly and the rest of the unit.
I hope he continues to improve and enjoy being in the section as he takes on more responsibility.
Congratulations." - Cpl. B. Spittle

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