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Pre-deployment Day 2
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A/LCpl B. McFly
Sat Apr 07 2018, 03:48PM

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Did plan to have this as like a 20 minute video, but 5 minutes into editing I could tell that wasn't going to be the case. Still nearly 3 hours of footage to 50 minutes ain't that bad.
I've noticed whilst editing I have a lot of friend pop ups which I don't notice in-game, but annoy me when editing so I may turn them off.

I tried to include radio comms so you guys have a general idea of whats going on and stuff.
It annoys me with arma videos that so much stuff moves you need an insanely high bit rate to get good quality, and then even if you do have good quality Youtube goes and fucks it up anyway. The rain doesn't help with the quality either, but it doesn't rain much in Africa

Head of BART?

"Remember what I've taught you.
Keep in mind variable humidity and wind speed along the bullet's flight path.
At this distance you'll also have to take the Coriolis Effect into account

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22nd Regiment of the SAS

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