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Op Tiger - Operational Context
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Joint-Operation Tiger
Operational Context

Reshmaan Province Brief Overview

Reshmaan Province is a province of the nation of Takistan, bordering Afghanistan, Russia and Tajikistan. It is poor with few exports. The country is run by President Al Sharim, a military dictator who came to power early in the 1980s. Since Al Sharim’s rise to power, the country has converted a significant amount of its national resources to military production and preparations. Reshmaan Province today boasts one of the most heavily armed and organised militaries for its size. The main source of income for the country is its coal and agricultural exports. While the country grows food crops in order to feed itself, the majority of crops are cash crops such as poppy, cannabis, and coca.


Full name: Reshmaan Province
Population: 20,665 (UN, 2010)
Capital and largest city: Dilshad
Area: 416 sq km
Major languages: Dari, Pashto
Major religion: Islam
Life expectancy: 45 years (men), 49 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: Afghani
Main exports: opium, coca, cannabis, coal
GNI per capita: US $382 (World Bank, 2010)
Military: Reshmaan National Army (RNA) (Part of the larger Takistan Nation Army and Militia)


Recent History

June 2012:
CIA investigations link Reshmaan province to supplying food, weapons, political amnesty to Takiban fighters.

June 2012:
CIA confirms that Reshmaan province is allowing Takiban fighters to take refuge inside it’s borders.

July 2012:
NATO officials send warnings to the government of Reshmaan province that a lack of neutrality in the conflict in Afghanistan could be political sanctions or military operations inside the borders of Reshmaan Province.

July 2012:
Reshmaan Province denies supporting Takiban fighters in any way.

September 2012:
MI6 investigations reveal that the number of Takiban fighters traveling through Reshmaan Province has increased by 180% since June 2012.

September 2012:
The UN places trade embargoes on Reshmaan Province and demands the country stop allowing Takiban fighters safe haven.

October 2012:
Trade embargoes on Reshmaan province initially have no effect. The main export being illegal drugs, the official sanctions on the country have little effect.

November 2012:
A US Army Cav Scout platoon crosses the border into Reshmaan province in pursuit of fleeing Takiban fighters. A local militia engages the Cav Scout platoon. Reshmaan Province suffers 12 dead and 8 wounded. The Army suffers 3 dead and 12 wounded.

November 2012:
Reshmaan Provinces denounces the US for violating the sovereignty of its territory and claims the US is taking military action against Reshmaan Province. The US responds that the border incident was a mistake and publicly apologies for the loss of life on both sides of the incident.

December 2012:
A US Army Infantry squad patrolling 15 miles outside of the border of Reshmaan Province is attacked by a platoon sized force of the Reshmaan National Army (RNA). The squad retreats with 1 dead. Reshmaan losses are unknown. Reshmaan Province denounces the US and claims the Army unit was violating their borders again. The US warns that Reshmaan Province is taking aggressive military action against the US and it will not be tolerated.

January 2013:
A crowd of 250 people peacefully protest at the US embassy in Reshmaan Province.

January 2013:
A crowd of 300 people peacefully protests at the US embassy.

January 2013:
US Army snipers spot Reshmaan recon patrols, patrolling in Afghanistan.

January 2013:
A crowd of 100 people angrily protest at the US embassy.

January 2013:
The US denounces Reshmaan province for taking military action outside its borders and threatens to take action against Reshmaan province. Reshmaan Province denies that it has active military units operating outside its borders.

January 30th 2013:
Contact is lost with the CIA field agent in Reshmaan province. He is presumed captured.

January 31st 2013:
The US orders 20 F.A.S.T. Marines to strengthen the security at the embassy in Reshmaan province. They are scheduled to arrive on February 2nd. A joint task force is created from units already operating in southwest Afghanistan to be ready to invade Reshmaan province if needed.

February 1st 2013:
An angry crowd at the US embassy in Reshmaan province overruns the security elements there. The ambassador and staff is presumed dead or captured. Death toll unknown. Pictures on the come up on the internet of Reshmaanians burning American flags with the US embassy engulfed in flames in the background.



Coalition forces, including elements of the 6th Airborne are diverted to the west of Reshmaan province awaiting green light for military action, satellite imagery and CIA/MI6 data shows that the RNA (Reshmaan National Army) have set up a large SAM defence of the area. Enemy approximate strength has also been noted below.

RNA Known Strength - Est. JAN2013
Satellite Imagery Data Packet available for NCOs and Officers

Ground Elements
1x Motorised Infantry Battalion
1x Mechanised Infantry Company
1x Motorised Weapons Company
1x Armoured Tank Company
3x Howitzer Batteries

Rotary Assets
1x Air Cavalry Infantry
1x Attack Helicopter Wing

Fixed Wing Assets
1x Fixed Wing Interceptor Wing
1x Fixed Wing Ground Support Wing

Fig. 1 - RNA Approximate SAM Defence
Large Version

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