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Gallery Tips - Stretching the Forum
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Ret. M. Horvath
Sun May 12 2013, 03:54PM
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Hi everyone,

Thanks to HTML wizardry and a lot of Google-ing I've come up with this rather nice code so you can share images on this gallery forum without stretching the page and allow people to still see the full image by clicking on it. No need for cropping, just a bit of copy and pasting.

Here's the code on 'Pastebin': Click Here

Stick your image code in the quotations and try not to go much larger than 800x800 in the width/height values (as it appears on the forum), any larger WILL stretch the page and make such a code defunct anyway.

Hope this helps and I hope to see an un-stretched forum page in the future!
Please be aware that members that continue to disregard this request will see their images deleted in the future.

[ Edited Fri Oct 24 2014, 08:02AM ]

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Vet. M. Henderson
Mon Dec 15 2014, 03:29PM

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