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[poll] British Armed Forces: Bowman Radio System - an ACRE plugin
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Pte. B. Gibb
Mon Jul 08 2013, 09:35AM

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Would you like to use it in some future campaign?



what do you guys think about implementing it in 6ths missions?
If we never talked about it before?

This simple add-on provides the British Army Bowman Radio System for use with British Armed Forces units and vehicles. Using the ACRE system, API and code base this addon can be dropped into any mod folder deemed appropriate. Fully compatible with ACRE of course! ACRE is required.

Three Man Pack ACRE Radios (and new models!) and three Portable ACRE Radios all with fully functioning GUI
- UK/PRC-343 Personal Role Radio (v1.4)
- UK/PRC-CLR 2W Commanders Lightweight Radio (Harris 7800S-TR)
- UK/PRC-354 5W VHF portable radio
- UK/PRC-325 15W HF man pack radio (Harris 5800H-MP - similar to PRC117f)
- UK/PRC-355 5W man pack radio
- UK/PRC-356 16W man pack radio
One Airborne ACRE Radio
- UK/ARC-341 10W VHF airborne radio for air-ground communication (40W amplification)
BAF, UKF and VCB Vehicles now contain rack mounts and already included radios!
- UK/VRC-357 (UK/PRC-355/356 Vehicle Mounts)
- UK/VRC-358 (UK/PRC-356 Vehicle Rack (20W))
- UK/VRC-359 (UK/PRC-356 Vehicle Rack (50W))
- RT/1744 (UK/ARC-341 Airborne Radio (40W) in the Merlin/Chinook/Wildcat /Harrier)
Dynamic lighting effects on dialog including
- Dialog is darker when experiencing low light levels
- Dialog includes NVG effect to maintain immersion
- Back-lit LED display to enable in low-light environments
Fully functioning Bowman GUI
- Select from 10 preset channels
- Select 10 different ComSec keys to secure comms
- Select power range
- View GPS information
- View Time information
- Adjustable volume
- Turn radio on or off
- Rebro functionality for 355/6 when used with Land Rover / Jackal etc
- Easter Eggs!
Increased/realistic pack capacities/weights for man pack radios

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Sqn Ldr. J. Dalager
Mon Jul 08 2013, 09:37AM

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Trust me, we know about it, but it's just not ready for use within 6th yet. When it gets to a stable and bug free version, then we'll consider using it.

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Pfc. X. Beetle
Mon Jul 08 2013, 09:48AM

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I know Bowman as do a few of the other lads from previous units that used it. We use to use it and did from the outset of bowman and we never had any problems with it or any bugs. For me personally I think it rivals ACRE if not surpasses again this is what I think. There is so much you can do with the Bowman radio (and for those who have used it in the BAF will find it familiar)

I for one would love to see this being used in the 6th. I think a good compromise would be us starting to use it on PvP maybe or non mission night gameplay so everyone gets the feel and unofficial training on it. Then on missions the normal ACRE maybe.

As a warning I will be starting mission making and I will be using this as one of my mods

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Pte. B. Gibb
Mon Jul 08 2013, 09:56PM

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I was using it for a while till I get to the 6th..w/out any bugs ..
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