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Vanguard Company AAR
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Operation Vanguard AAR

Captain's Opening Statement

The Republic of Molatia has seen bloody civil conflict for months, battles have raged across the island bringing instability to the whole region. The 6th AB arrived mid August and undertook a series of operations over the course of a month to effectively bring the crisis to an end and allow humanitarian aid to start to resolve the situation. The company had several unexpected challenges but overall the platoons proved their flexibility and resilience in the face of danger and successfully completed all operational objectives. The company has performed above the standard I expected and is now ready to move onto its international training, codename: Spartan.

Opening Operations

After the insertion of the company to the region the 6thAB's first objective was to assault and capture Hazena Vulcano and Secure Porto Hazena as well as removing initial rebel forces in Pinley. The initial air assault saw unexpected enemy activity leading to 2PLT having to regroup at base. Similarly 1PLT took enemy fire, their pilot Fg Off. T. Møller managed to successfully land a Chinook with an engine failure on a small island in the middle of the ocean resulting in the survival of 1 Platoon.

Despite this baptism of fire both Platoons went on to secure their objectives. 2PLT under the command of Cpl Maltby captured a high point then proceeded to clear out a heavily defended town of Pinley. With the assistance of some well placed CAS they defeated a superior enemy force.

Following the capture of both objectives the Company regrouped at the presidential palace for the big assault to break out of their island beachhead into the main island and the enemy's center.

The Mainland

The FSG moved forward to a highpoint with ACOY HQ to observe the enemy position across the bridge to the west. Meanwhile the rest of the company formed up ready for the assault. Some minor contact was cleared and the platoons were ready (1PLT under the command of CPL Murray took up supporting positions and 2PLT in an assault column ready to charge across the bridge to secure the eastern side) to begin the assault.

FSG Mortar team being lead by Pfc. Rhodes began an initial bombardment followed by 1PLT who laid down suppressing fire. Under this storm of lead 2PLT assaulted across the bridge taking 0 casualties. Once across they were attacked from several sides and defended themselves as 1PLT joined them. Meanwhile 8SQD was providing intel reports on significant enemy forces approaching.

What followed was a major enemy counterattack. With each platoon covering a flank they dug in and held the line against a significant enemy force including multiple armoured contacts. At one stage enemy armour was in danger of cutting the company off from their base until the heroics of Pte Roach destroyed it at danger close. However the force of the enemy attack had caused casualties which were extracted by Chinook.

Following a regroup 1PLT with fire support from 2PLT assaulted the port town. A screening of fire was provided by Flight elements who destroyed several enemy assets including armour and 2 platoons. 2PLT then fought north to capture the compounds but were caught off guard by a hidden MG emplacement that was later destroyed with grenades. As they secured the hill, 1PLT moved along the coast road and engaged enemy elements in Swonto. Company HQ gives special commendation to both platoons who had to withstand constant attack while maintaining an aggressive stance.

Once the town was clear the Company moved through Swonto and secured Bolabongo, constructing and garrisoning 3 patrol bases. From here they were attacked by the brunt of the enemy armour and due to a lack of company AT support they lost their foothold in the town. The company regrouped and air assaulted in from the south with heavy air support. Once a dominant position was gained both platoons retook the town with heavy fighting in the streets culminating in a company assault of the third patrol base. This battle was particularly fierce and commendation most be given to both sections.

Overnight the remaining enemy that had not been destroyed in the AO began to sneak back into the capital city. Company CMD launched an offensive the next morning. Both Platoons send out combat patrols to secure the southern city. The FSG maintained constant overwatch over the city and provided sustained suppressing fire on key enemy strong-points.

1PLT under the command of SGT Baxter battled through the town receiving heavy enemy fire from emplacements, infantry and armour. Nevertheless they secured a majority of the city and had to hold and wait for reinforcement.

2PLT under the command of 2Lt Henderson proceeded to move to their flanking position on the NW side of the city but were pinned down within a compound. All the while the entire company was taking enemy mortar fire. Flight elements successfully located and destroyed the enemy mortars as well as an incoming convoy of enemy armour.

This lull allowed both platoons to regroup and reinforce. 1PLT pushed through to the construction site and held the line while 2PLT swept in from the NW and killed the remaining enemy that still survived. By the end of the day the enemy had broken themselves on the city and the last elements retreated eastwards.

The rebels made one final stand in the town of Canto and began to assemble the remaining forces in the North of the island hoping to push down into Canto and prolong the conflict. To face this COY CMD mechanized the company and moved them towards Canto. Despite sterling work from the platoons and especially the FSG in engaging initial enemy contacts the enemy convoy was made aware of our advance and began to mobilize.

2Lt Henderson ordered the company to assault Canto while Flight elements slowed the enemy convoy with CAS. Canto was secured in an aggressive attack just in time to defend it against the remaining enemy forces. A small combat patrol was sent forward but had to retreat in the face of the enemy reinforcements. Following a prolonged firefight the last desperate assault by the enemy was destroyed. This represented the final ditch attempt for the broken enemy to make an impact on the island and it was subsequently crushed.


Following this the remaining enemy elements dissolved away, a bitter campaign had seen them lose 90% of their forces including all of their armour and heavy weapons making a successful takeover impossible. Three weeks later the Molation government was re installed with a significant UN force remaining behind on peacekeeping duties to pacify any remaining rebel factions and support the humanitarian campaign. Meanwhile the 6th was transported to the international airport where it flew back to Blighty in a flight of Hercules provided by 6 Squadron RAF Odiham.


Cpl. Maltby has been awarded the “Military Cross” for successfully leading his section and on many occasions 2PLT through Vanguard. His professionalism and skill was a key factor in the successful operation.

Pfc. Hardisty has been awarded "Mentioned in Dispatches" for the first combat usage of the Royal Corps of Signals which proved a great success combined with his flawless control of flight elements no matter the combat situation.

Cpl. Murray has been awarded "Mentioned in Dispatches" for taking command whenever necessary, often at the last minute or during an operation. He never complained and continued, ensuring the survival and success of 1PLT.

Pte. D. Galbraith has been awarded "Mentioned in Dispatches" for a consistently excellent performance in even the most dire of situations. Specially noted for saving the lives of several section members when attacked by enemy T-90's.

Pfc. T. Howzer has been awarded "Mentioned in Dispatches" for constantly impressing any NCO's around him during Vanguard. He willingly took any role that he was asked and performed to a high standard throughout.

Special mentions are also required for A/LCpl. P. Lindholm for taking on his new position with skill and determination, Pfc. J. Dalager for his constantly praised performance as a pointman/marksman and LCpl. J. Bowen for his management of the FSG despite significant technical problems.

There are many who should be mentioned and deserve praise so I apologise for missing you out. The whole company should be proud and let us look forward to Spartan with a lot of positivity and excitement.

Kind Regards,

Captain A. Knight

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