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Spartan Company AAR
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Operation Spartan AAR

Captain's Opening Statement

The 6th AB first landed on the Islands of Lingor during September 2013 as part of a routine jungle warfare training exercise. Despite underlying tensions in the region the deployment of the 6th was considered to be a positive move by the divisional commander. The A Coy of 6thAB then begun a period of initial training. This was followed by the customary war games with the Lingorian Defence Force.

Unfortunately, during the later stages of the war games the 6th was violently made aware of the internal struggles of Lingor as a bomb blast heralded the next phase of the campaign. The 6th moved from purely training to assisting the Lingorian government in the suppression of a drug lord and his forces that was threatening the security of the island nation. A series of swift and brutal engagements spearheaded by ACoy led to the crushing of the enemy faster than expected including the daring dawn raid and capture of the cartel boss- Rabante. However, shortly after this the 6th was faced with an additional and life threatening event- the LDF had stages a military coup and had overthrown the government in a matter of hours. In a desperate bid to survive the 6th withdrew to their familiar FOB, later named FOB Arnhem, and weathered everything that was thrown at them. Against all the odds they held until relieved by a NATO task force. After the Company had been replenished and rested they then assisted in the destruction of the enemy in an aggressive counterattack that ultimately enabled the NATO force to destroy the enemy in a matter of days.

The 6th endured the longest and hardest campaign they have yet to face. This time witnessed the development of several key areas. I certainly believe that the company has shown not only skill and discipline but a dedication that has not yet been seen in the history of this unit. The campaign had many unexpected turns and the 6th was able to be flexible and efficient in carrying out it’s mission despite several internal and external factors. I personally commend the entire company and I look forward to our next placement on Operation Antler which should put what we have learnt on Spartan to the test.

Training & War Games

The 6th was subject to a relatively calm start to its tour of duty in Lingor, training was conducted across the board, including jungle, riot, ambush and chemical warfare training. The 6th first encountered what was to be its home for the following 4 months- FOB Spartan (Later named Arnhem). Tensions remained low despite a few road incidents and misfires by the Company.

The first real test for the 6th was the two part war games against the LDF. The primarily took place on 2 of Lingor’s eastern islands. The LDF were a robust enemy that tested the 6th but all sections of the Company displayed excellent performance as was expected due to the fresh nature of the men.

In between the games some standard patrol work was conducted by increasing tensions in the SW of the country severely restricted the movements of the Company. At the end of October the Company had to take a brief break from operations following a raid on a local drug baron upstream from FOB Spartan which led to a supposed LSD induced incident. Some members of the Company travelled over 3km at night and reported hideous visions and hallucinations.

During the second half of the LDF Wargames which begun on the 3/11/13 the 6th were tasked with assaulting and capturing the eastern island including Fantasmo. A 2 pronged attack from both Platoons supported by the FSG (stationed in the Old British Fort) aimed to swiftly defeat the LDF. However, during the third quarter of the operation A/0 was informed by the Lingorian Government that a huge explosion had rocked the capital city and help was requested. A majority of the governmental forces were occupied in the SW so a QRF was assembled primarily consisting of the FSG. E/1/4 prompty secured the bomb site and proceeded to patrol the area. Intel indicated an approximate position of the enemy bombers, the FSG were then able to locate and capture the suspects. The rest of the Company then arrived to assist in the clear up.

Drug Lord Operation

Following the explosion it was clear the Lingorian government had lost control in its war against the drug cartels of the island. An official request from the Government was received by A Coy to lead an offensive against the growing drug gangs and ultimately destroy them.

Intel indicated the main force of the enemy was located in the SW on the Drassen peninsula. The entire Company was ordered in. In a brutal struggle both platoons forced their way south towards what was the supposed location of the Drug Lord Ramante’s HQ. Bitter fighting saw the FSG, 1 and 2 platoon moving from village to village until they were overlooking the final position in Medina. Despite a successful assault the Drug Lord himself was able to flee.

With the escape of Rabante the war against the Drug Gangs seemed to be just beginning. HQ were aware of the growing tension in the region so masterminded a quick end to the struggle by capturing Rabante, thereby cutting the head off the snake. At 4am the Company was assembled, a QRF order was given and the platoons armed themselves following a detailed brief. Intel had provided 2 potential locations for the position of Rabante, so the 6th were hitting both, at night, at the same time, behind enemy lines. The codeword for the assault was given and the platoons rushed to their respective Chinooks. 2nd platoon were hitting the south western Villa Oscar. Their Chinook piloted by ex Sqd Ldr Dalager flew in at minimum safe speed and height and rotated the airframe 180 degrees to position its tail on the slop at the rear of the Villa. Second Platoon led stormed in led by Sgt. Baxter and with considerable precision eliminated Rabante’s guards and then killed him as he tried to escape. They then boarded and extracted before the main bulk of the enemy force could respond.

Meanwhile 1st platoon hit Villa Gomez on the other side of the country. The apache provided cover while they landed 200m away in a small clearing, door guns ready. They proceeded to surround and storm the compound , engaging and destroying all enemies before extracting. Both platoons conducted their operation with extreme skill and discipline demonstrating that the Company could strike with precision and extreme aggression despite the tactical situation seeming bleak. The overall success of the night raid was somewhat reduced when 1 Platoon’s Chinook suffered a catastrophic collision and crashed into the river. 2nd Platoon scrambled a response to secure the crash site and help anyone who had survived in a remarkable feat of organisation.

However, the mission was completed and the drug war was brought to an immediate end as the remaining gangs fought amongst themselves and disbanded without their leader.

LDF Military Coup

A few days later as the 6th regrouped at the FOB, HQ received a disturbing report that the LDF had gone rogue and had begun a military coup. As more intel was received it became clear that LDF forces positioned around the Islands had begun an offensive. Astronomically outnumbered the 6th began emergency measures to ensure the survival of the Company. The public opinion towards the British Forces had reached an all time low.

1 Platoon and the FSG were tasked with securing and defending the Presidential Palace until the President could be evacuated. Enemy forces including local mobs and guerrillas put up a fierce resistance but the Palace was held and the president was evacuated. Meanwhile 2 Platoon fought their way to the British Embassy and despite being ambushed secured the embassy until the VIPs were extracted.

As news of the Coup spread 1 Platoon and FSG were moved to guard FOB Spartan and 2 Platoon were moved to the Southern Calamar Airfield to aid in the transport and defence of A Coy Assets to the safe northern zone of Maruko.

Later in the day, the LDF unleashed the full force of their military on the British. 2 Platoon valiantly defended the Airfield to allow key Flight assets to be safely delivered to the Northern Airfield. However, the enemy assault was overwhelming and a 2 platoon had to withdraw to FOB Spartan taking heavy casualties. A small force of 2 Platoon were cut off and fled to the eastern jungle where they camped out and disrupted enemy movements. At the same time FSG and 1 Platoon held back a ferocious attack on the FOB.

Once the whole Company had been regrouped at FOB (now named Arnhem) the enemy force completely surrounded the last remaining friendly forces on the Island. Without the 6th AB to defend it, the Capital city and airport soon fell into LDF hands. A Coy were now cut off, outnumbered, out gunned and low on supplies.

The next 2 days witnessed a truly heroic defence by the company, after the first day the men dug in, reinforced gaps in the wall, placed sandbags, mined the roads and stockpiled medical equipment. A medical team was pulled together and HQ bunkered down in what became known as “The Keep”. Guns bristled from every window as the FSG set up 50 cals, GPMGs and Javelins. 1 Platoon maintained the Northern Gatehouse and trench line whereas 2 Platoon held the eastern wall and the rest of the perimeter. Despite attack from light and heavy armour, sustained artillery, gunships and hundreds of infantry the Company held the line, at a savage cost. At the end of the second day when the dust settled, the sun rose over the remains of destroyed vehicles and corpses that littered the perimeter. "The Keep” was full of wounded and the FSG had covered the roof with thousands of shell casings, the eastern wall was replaced with rubble and an enemy Huey had crashed in front of the gatehouse. Once the cost had been counted the enemy commander had deemed the assault “not worth the resources to continue” and held moved around FOB Arnhem to siege it out.

NATO Task Force Gulf

3 hours later HQ was informed that the NATO task force Golf was fast approaching, bringing the full might of American, British and German elements. After landing they quickly secured a beachhead and secured the capital. The 6th were finally relieved and had some well earned RnR.

When they had recovered A Coy conducted a successful air assault in the north, targeting the enemy command location of the research lab. 2 Platoon took the research lab and used it as a base for moving forward. 1Platoon moved and seized Northern Tucos as 2Plt seized Garibosa. The USMC then assisted in taking S Tucos. The next stage of the offensive saw 1 Platoon moving west to seize Garibosa , thus putting them level with 2 Platoon.

At this point 2 Platoon assisted by E/1/4 moved west and seized Aculto and held whilst 1Platoon swept west and took Calixo. 2 Platoon leapfrogged their position and took Haciendos and there was then a company assault on Fernando. 1 Platoon moved south and seized Camp Marpeso and held until the allied armour column crossed. This provided a buffer of protection while Royal engineers diffused a minefield that was preventing armoured advance west. 2 Platoon then protected the MSR between Guayucca and Maruko while 1 Platoon attempted to retake the Eastern Island.

The final stage and finishing blow of the campaign saw the Company conduct a double air assault behind enemy lines in the south. 1 Platoon were tasked with securing the Aguado Crossing while 2 Platoon had the Negrosa Crossing. Despite unsuspected enemy mines and a heavy enemy counter attack 2 Platoon managed to hold the objective finishing their campaign with the “Bloody Bastards” nickname. The securing of the 2 crossings allowed the allied Armour to sweep south before the LDF could mobalise their forces in the protection of Calamar. This allowed the American infantry supported with armour to swiftly secure the city, shortly following this the LDF officially surrendered ending the 6th AB’s campaign.


Please join me in congratulating the following members of the 6th to be awarded medals. This was a very difficult process, especially due to the length of Spartan, so apologies to those who feel they have been left out.

Signal Officer Hardisty has been awarded the Military Cross. Hardisty remained by my side throughout the 4 months of Spartan and on multiple occasions facilitated the success of the Company. His constant attention to detail and patience proved his worth in his new role. This was also illustrated by the formation and success of the Signallers and Tac-P during Spartan.

Corporal Murray has been Mentioned in Dispatches for his consistent performance, especially at the beginning of Spartan where he ran the Platoon through what was arguably a very difficult time.

Private Larsen has been Mentioned in Dispatches for commitment and excellence during Operation even through times of hardship. His section IC explained that "He's the kind of Private that people should aspire to be".

Private First Class Gaynor has been Mentioned in Dispatches for consistently acting above and beyond the call of duty as both CMT and, on the occasions as a 2IC under duress when the section leaders went down.

Private Roach has been Mentioned in Dispatches for acting without hesitation and keeping the section alive on many occasions. Roach proved not only that he could be a dependable AR, providing effective and efficient suppressive fire and successfully neutralising more contacts than any other single member of the section, but also that he is incredibly proficient with AT, destroying numerous tanks and armoured vehicles throughout the duration of Spartan.

Private Lee has been Mentioned in Dispatches for being a reliable and effective as a CMT, saving countless lives. He was able to step into the role of 2IC whenever it was required of him, and proved himself 100% reliable, never failing to attend. It was his cool professionalism and incredible efficiency and bravery during the defense of the FOB in Spartan which cemented his award.

2nd Lt Henderson has been Mentioned in Dispatches for ensuring 2 Platoon had consistent high performance. They entered Spartan at a high standard and were able to maintain this. On occasion when Henderson had to take CO he performed above expectations.

Sergeant Baxter has been Mentioned in Dispatches for ensuring the success of the capture of Rabante in 2 Platoon's raid. He personally led the guys inside and made sure the plan Henderson conducted went off without a hitch. This was only one part of a series of successful operations helped by Baxter's support and leadership.

Private First Class Bacon has been Mentioned in Dispatches for constantly performing above exceptions and in the words of his IC being "outstanding" in his work in 2/2 throughout Spartan assisting the leadership team when needed.

Private Johnson has been Mentioned in Dispatches for an outstanding job as AR, CMT and 2IC throughout the entire operation. His 2IC personally cited him as a reason for 2/2 holding together, a true asset.

Corporal Maltby has been awarded the The Meritorious Service Medal for having the highest attendance in Spartan, having not missed an operation or training for over 6 months. As well as this he has continued to lead 2/1 from strength to strength receiving constant praise from his CO throughout Spartan.

Private Alexander has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for passing HQ's requirements by displaying extreme bravery and high performance on campaign.The entirety of S/2/2 were down and 2 Platoon command could not reach them while under heavy GPMG fire. Private Alexander risked his own life to sprint from S/2/1's position to S/2/2, this was a run of over 400 meters. He managed to secure one member of the section and secured the others with medical treatment, on his own. He did this all in a role of being an AT member of the section.

Corporal Bowen has been awarded the The Meritorious Service Medal for turning the FSG into a formidable and flexible fighting force. This award is also directed at the FSG as a whole who were the most consistent fighting force in Spartan. Bowen and the FSG performed above the expectations of A Coy CMD throughout the campaign.

Private First Class Nicholson has been Mentioned in Dispatches for being an outstanding member of the FSG, especially noted for his performance on the War Games including his role in the securing of the bomb site and capture of the suspects.

Pte. R. Kendrick has been promoted to Pfc. Kendrick stepped up to the role of 1 or 2IC whenever it was asked of him, and proved himself more than capable of the task. He has proven himself a dedicated member of S/1/2 and sets a good example for its members not only in his discipline but also in his leadership capabilities.

Finally for their work on Spartan SO Hardisty and PFC Dragon have been awarded the Cartographer award. Spartan was a truly successful first large campaign.

Kind Regards,

Captain A. Knight

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