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Operation Crusader Company AAR
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Operation Crusader AAR

Captain's Opening Statement

Operation Crusader was a significant campaign for the 6th, the last ARMA 2 campaign in our history. As ARMA 3 loomed on the horizon the Company pulled together for one last campaign managed by the in house RLC. This campaign also saw the new implementation of the RECCE group as well as other intelligence gathering forces who operated prior to missions. Crusader jumped between behind the lines training and front line fighting in Fash Kaybur against a much better equipped army than we had seen for some time but the unit rose to the challenge.


The first large scale front line operation for the 6th was the Battle for Misharah. Enemy forces had crossed the Tigris river and set up alone the MSR from Simele to Misharah. Large numbers of enemy forces had garrisoned Misharah . Both Simele and Misharah contained 2 river crossings named CP Alpha and CP Bravo. The company as tasked with pushing west, securing the MSR, both crossings and Misharah.

As the sun rose RECCE group moved off into the desert as the Company geared up. R/1/5 (led by Sgt Baxter) moved through friendly held FOB Galahad and into the desert overlooking the MSR and crossings to the north. The rest of the Company was air lifted to FOB Lucan where FSG and 1st Platoon (led by 2nd Lt Rhys) pushed towards CP Alpha and Simele. After some intense fighting 1 Plt managed to push to the river and hold.

Meanwhile elements of 2 Plt (led by 2nd Lt Maltby) moved south to the Gas Station to form a blocking position and allow 1 Plt to regroup and move south along the MSR. FSG (led by Cpl Buczak) were tasked with holding CP Alpha at all costs as the enemy had much larger forces west of the River.

R/1/5 had ambushed some enemy patrols in the desert and continued to spot and target enemy forces along the MSR as the company turned south and began to leapfrog towards Misharah. Both platoons cleared their way south but midway through the enemy began an mechanised counter attack from the West in an attempt to push across the river at CP Alpha. Unfortunately for them FSG were still holding the crossing and proceeded to destroy the enemy and hold the crossing despite several enemy pushes and sustained mortar fire.

The Company then formed an extended line facing Misharah, due to heavy civilian presence air support was limited, thus both platoons supported by R/1/5 had to push in and clear block by block. Despite having an airframe crash land in the city and 1st Platoon struck by an unknown missile/bomb the company pushed through and secured the town after nearly an hour of fighting. Forward elements of the company pushed further forward and held CP Bravo.

Pushing West

With the successful capture of CP Alpha and CP Bravo the task force was able to rearm and reassert its control of the east bank. The 6th was then tasked with pushing west over the river and securing a number of key objectives over the next few days including the oil fields and refinery, the town of Taiya and the listening post.

The decision was made to clear airspace to the south and paradrop the company in to the far south west behind enemy lines and conduct a night time surprise attack on the enemy. R/1/5 moved to the DZ and marked the area with IR strobes and chemlights. Minutes later the Company dropped in, despite some enemy tracer fire the company was landed and formed up towards the oil refinery. R/1/5 pushed ahead towards the oil fields themselves.

With 1Plt providing suppressing fire 2Plt swept into the facility and began clearing it. Once cleared 2 Platoon and FSG held position. 1plt regrouped with R/1/5 in the oil fields and cleared them out. R/1/5 continued to tab towards the listening post via the underground factory and 1plt followed behind. R/1/5 conducted several snap ambushes eliminated enemy patrols attempting to flank 1Plt. 1plt also successfully ambushed and destroyed an enemy patrol at the underground factory and then proceeded to flank and capture the underground factory despite being outnumbered and attacking uphill.

FSG continued to hold the Oil refinery which had become the Company’s base of operations for the AO. They held off several enemy attacks, spotted enemy fixed positions to the East and conducted combat patrols to the south, in doing so they destroyed significant enemy forces. After taking heavy casualties in the assault earlier 2Plt regrouped and pushed east into the desert to capture enemy fixed positions (AA and Arty) that flight had damaged earlier.

Several hours later the company continued to capture enemy key positions around Taiya and the adjacent crossroads despite lack of resupply and continued enemy attacks. At one point 1Plt defended their position behind enemy lines with very little ammo, no hope of CASEVAC and desperately outnumbered for a considerable time period.


The enemy, stopped and pushed back in the north attempted a breakthrough to the south and managed to cross the river, the 6th was then routed south to intercept and push the enemy back.

After a couple of days of regrouping the Company had to assault Bejerke Demez and prepare to assault the river crossings after the enemy had manoeuvred to the south. The two main crossing points were the town of Afkhan and the Reya Gunde Bihar bridge. 1plt captured Afkhan after an air assault. Despite facing heavy resistance including MBT they managed to just about capture it with help from Flight assets. FSG and 2Plt captured the mountain town of Bajerke Dumez then pushed to the ridge overlooking Reya Gunde Bihar in their usual quality.
Once lanes had been cleared south west over the Tigris the company assaulted south, the primary objective was the key town of Rabiah.

1st Platoon was air lifted into the AO then made the tab across the desert to the ridge overlooking the key enemy position at the Telecom tower. Despite being guarded by several sections of enemy including several trucks and humvees 1st Platoon developed a quick plan and engaged. The opening salvo of rockets neutralised the enemy hardpoints, 1 section provided heavy suppressing fire while the other advanced to clear and capture. A textbook assault. Following this the platoon headed west to join a company assault on Tall Abu Zahir.

Meanwhile 2nd platoon in combination with FSG had been dealing with enemy to the north including significant enemy roadblocks and AA positions. As the company begun to form up to attack the town R/1/5 provided targets for air and mortar support. As the attack begun fire poured in from 3 directions, to the east of the town 1platoon charged forward under enemy mortar fire, second platoon crashed through the enemy to the north and begun engaging enemies in the town. All the while the FSG Jackle and GPMG group was providing significant firepower. Just as the attack reached its apex elements of flight bombed enemy entrenched positions outside the town utterly destroying the backbone of the hostile forces in the AO.
The company moved in and cleared out the rest of the town, this left the company in a position to push onto the final objective of the airfield and Mushorah.

The company pushed in and cleared what was left of Mushorah, the main enemy force having been seriously weakened previously. R/1/5 conducted a full reconnaissance of the AO including the airfield. They destroyed key enemy AA positions and coordinated with flight to take out multiple armoured targets. They then coordinated with flight to spring an ambush and further flight gun runs. R/1/5 exited the campaign as a truely elite recce force in the company.
The company then moved in and mopped up the remaining enemy forces ending this stage of the campaign.


Please join me in congratulating the following members for their performance in Crusader. It was very difficult to award medals due to the compact nature of the campaign and the sporadic nature of AAR’s that I received so I apologise to those who were missed out.

Anyone who attended 4 or more will receive the campaign medal.

Private First Class Bacon has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award for his amazing recon work including the gathering and production of vital intelligence report allowing for many successful operations.

Rsv. C Stromback has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches for his consistent high quality performance that earnt him a solid reputation from his section and his platoon. He was regularly mentioned in AARs as being the solid core that held the men together.

Private First Class Ducky has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award for his tireless effects during the whole campaign, most notably his “Duck truck” work that allowed the resupply of equipment and men as well as casevac when all else seemed hopeless.

Private First Class M. Anderson has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award by his Corporal for his general performance over the course of the campaign, embodying the raw firepower of the fire support group helping FSG to consistently rack up the highest kill count of the campaign.

Corporal S. Alexander has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award for his exceptional conduct in both his own role as well as senior positions. For nearly the whole campaign he stepped up into a leadership position despite lack of previous experience demonstrating his adaptiveness and dedication to his section and the platoon.

Private First Class. A. Piper has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award for consistently stepping up as 1 or 2IC of 1SEC as and when needed, and proving himself as a loyal and skilled section member.

Private. S. Dixon has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award for jumping into the section with a positive attitude and a good example to the other guys to follow. He's proven he's a great addition to the platoon.

Private. J. Bailey has been awarded the mentioned in dispatches award for attending every event since the 19th February. He literally has never missed a single event since he joined. He's proven that he's dedicated, mature and capable, he sets a good example to everyone and is well liked in the platoon.

Private First Class. R. Kendrick Promoted to A/ L/Cpl for constant dedication and maturity, and an improvement in leadership.

R/1/5- Romeo 1-5 had the opportunity to show what they were made of in their first campaign and they exceeded expectations. Their professional demeanour and high quality performance came to be the standard they achieved over the campaign. Therefore I am giving a special mention to this group, in addition Sgt Baxter explained; "I could not be more happy with the Recce Group’s performance after being formed just 1 week before the start of the operation and then delivering a performance which was I am sure pivotal to the way the campaign turned out-Well Done Guys.

Kind Regards,

Captain A. Knight

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